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If you are looking for a source of affordable scrap metal available in bulk, look no further than
Mid Michigan Metals. We are the premier source for clean scrap ready to be recycled and repurposed.
We carry a variety of metals.  

At Mid Michigan Metals, we are always looking for new sources of scrap metal. Whether you are a car dealership, general contractor or residential homeowner, if you have scrap metal, we can buy it from you before we recycle it into new items! Let us take your junk and clear out your home or business!

Our Service Areas:

  • Alma, MI
  • Cannon, MI
  • Farwell, MI
  • Gladwin, MI
  • Harrison, MI
  • Holton Lake, MI
  • Lake George, MI
  • Marion, MI
  • Midland, MI
  • Mt. Pleasant, MI
  • Reid City, MI
  • Ross, M
  • Sanford, MI

Let’s Talk About Your Junk Metal  

What you consider junk, we consider a treasure! Don’t hesitate to contact us today. Begin the recycling process by selling us your scrap metal.




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